Boost device visualization in the aneurysm neck

Helps to choose the right size and position for laser-cut stents

How STsize Works

STsize allows stent placement modeling. STsize helps with:

  Choosing the most suitable diameter and length of the device

  Visualize the bulging of the stent in the aneurysm neck.

An example of a computational modeling done by STsize module.

Why STsize?

STsize module of Sim&Size is an amazing module that helps the user with optimal selection of stent sizing.

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Safer selection of the device. The bulging at the aneurysm neck reduces the space available to place the coils, helping to select an accurate implant and ease of placement.


Limiting the bulging at the aneurysm neck enables a better sizing of the associated coils. Reduce under and over sizing and their consequences


Better prediction of the implant placement based on patient specific anatomy. Gain a better embolization ratio while getting the more suitable coils to fit the aneurysm volume.

How does It Work

7 Steps to STsize computational modeling

Less than 5 minutes to achieve STsize computational modeling.

Check out the complete workflow for STsize.

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