From Development to Deployment

Specific solutions for each stage of the medical devices used in neurovascular treatment 

Patient Care

Our commitment is to optimize the standardization of care and to continue developing innovative ways to improve patient care. 

Improving healthcare professional’s  patient experience is a priority.

Sim&Cure works passionately every day to find solutions that improve patient care while managing costs without sacrificing quality.

Clinical Education

As new technologies progress through the medical network, Sim&Cure will help its stakeholders flatten the learning curve and improve overall patient care.

Sim&Cure’s educational program is designed to suit all levels of experience. The training aims to teach in depth about emerging technologies and innovative solutions, using online and practical tools.

Research & Development

Led by the desire to contribute effectively to the healthcare community, we deeply believe in constructing solid and strategic partnerships to maximize resources and results. From an industrial and a clinical side, we assist researchers to produce data and deliver strong clinical evidence.