Online user training for Sim&Size

Raise your planning expertise to the next level


Our e-learning platform that is dedicated to Sim&Size™. Discover, step-by-step the Sim&Size™ workflow with the help of s hort videos and quizzes. A complete solution to give you all the essential basics to operate Sim&Size™.

Practice Planning


Sim&Get will contribute to your progress on planning beyond the physical barriers.


Sim&Get will help you to maximize your time and resources.


Sim&Cure will continue by your side at each stage of the process.

How Does It Work

With Sim&Get e-learning platform, you raise your therapeutic planning expertise to higher levels on your own and at your own pace.

Once you have registered you will find a friendly platform which gives you access to:

Short videos taking less than 5min to watch

Training to complete at your own pace

Quick tests to progressively check your progress

Once your training is finished culminating in a final exam, one of our application engineer will contact you to proceed to the installation of the software and to certify your training.

Visual representation of the Sim & Get dashboard.

How You Benefit

With Sim&Get e-learning platform, online users have a lot to expect. 


Within a single-click, immerse yourself into the Sim&Size experience with the same level of quality and precision as the software.


Take advantage of a smart & efficient e-learning qualification. Improve clinical outcomes while optimizing time and resources.


Give new horizons to your clinical practices with the integration of a new tool that perfectly fits your daily activities.

Sim&Get Guide

Note: No test is required for the first “Introductory video” of the fundamentals course


Step 1

You will be prompted to complete the two courses contained in the ‘Fundamentals Module’.

In order to complete the sections of each module, you are required to watch a tutorial video and check your knowledge performing a quick test related to each course.

Then, the course will appear in gree n  and will be marked as complete.

Step 2

Once the “Fundamentals” course is completed, the platform will give you access to the FDsize module and its two courses.

Step 3

Please send us a request by clicking on the mark you will find on the lower left side of the page.

It will be our pleasure to help you!

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