Go into the operating room with greater confidence

Transform your patient care with our training tool.


What is Sim&Train

Sim&Train is our dedicated solution used for physician education, training, and patient-specific rehearsal.


  Recreates the real-life conditions of the operating theater.

   Visualization of 3D printed artery models thanks to an innovative body-like station.

  Compatible with our proprietary technology Sim&Size™.

  Integrates 3D printed models based on patient’s images showing specific neurovascular anatomies.

  A plug-and-play station, user friendly and portable.

Why Sim&Train

Placing the clinicians in a real-life situation in their own environment, Sim&Train helps to practice their surgical approach and to experience the ease of using Sim&Size during an operation.


With Sim&Train go into the operating room with greater confidence

Training & Education

Excellent training tool for physicians at all levels of expertise.


Placement analysis of the implantable medical device into the patient geometry to treat the pathology


Through Sim&Train experiment treatment strategies and evaluate the input of the simulation for better clinical outcomes

medical treatment

Patient Specific

Elaborate different patient-specific treatments thanks to a large choice of 3D printed models and their associated 3D digital reconstructions.

Sim&Train Elements

Sim&Train Station

An innovative body-like station which simulates a real-life specific neurovascular anatomy for brain aneurysm treatment.

Use in Cath-lab and non-sterile laboratory environment.

  Contrast agent and X-ray compatible

  Compact and portable


Sim&Train Cartridge

Single use 3D printed anatomical twin extracted from images illustrating specific neurovascular anatomies.

ICA (Internal Carotid Artery) approach via simulated blood flow in terms of both the flow rate and the temperature

  Image-guided puncture, device manipulation and test

   Controlled injection

How You Benefit

Sim&Train training system aids fitting neurovascular implantable devices.

Sim&Train contributes to define work incidences and perform sizing by improving gesture.

Sim&Train recreates the real-life conditions of the operating theater and enhances confidence in the procedure by three minimal but key actions:

Road-Mapping And Navigation

Device Manipulation


How does it Work

Sim&Train’s Bluetooth controlled pump module mimics the ICA (Internal Carotid Artery) blood flow in terms of both the flow rate and the temperature helping achieve a true to life simulation for the practitioner.

Let now us see Sim&Train workflow in a few easy and accessible steps!

Note: Sim&Train is not medical a device and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any health condition. These products have been specifically designed for training and their safety and effectiveness as medical devices have not been demonstrated.

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