Improving patient care in brain aneurysm treatment    

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Our Multifactorial Approach

Our approach to achieve effective endovascular treatment is a multifactorial  approach with service to patients as its core value


Helping hospitals and healthcare systems to master the cost per surgery and improve the patient care in the same time.


Provide exclusive patient-specific therapeutic solutions with rigor and quality for better clinical outcomes.


Being a real partner is more than just the individual tools; a long-term commitment to seamless integration in the operating room.

Healthcare Professionals

Providing new tools to find ways to improve their clinical practice – better diagnosis, surgical procedures, and improved patient care.

Imaging Companies

Our partnership with imaging companies provides a complementary extension of their tools sets. Our technology enhances the information in their images

Our Solutions

Specific solutions for each stage of neurovascular treatments by medical devices 

Patient Care

Focused on the patient, Sim&Cure has developed a groundbreaking solution to improve clinical outcomes in brain aneurysm treatment: Sim&Size™
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Clinical Education

With the aim to enhance the training of Sim&Cure's medical tools we provide two solutions: Sim&Get, Sim&Train
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Research & Development

Time, costs, safety & recreating real conditions: these are challenges that our industrial partners face. Sim&Cure helps overcome these by providing innovative services based on numerical modeling: Sim&Dev 
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