For an optimal first coil selection

Quick coiling with confidence

How FCsize Works

FCsize helps to define the best first coil, based on the aneurysm volume as well as coils properties and design.

It considers not only the volume but also the overall morphology of the aneurysm.

An example of a computational modeling done by FCsize module.

Why FCsize?

FCsize module of Sim&Size is an amazing module that helps the user with optimal selection of first coil. 

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FCsize contributes to maximize the chance of achieving a better fill and a better finish.


FCsize with the 3DRA helps to re-assure the strategy taken with the first coil


Standardize the procedure Better planning to make the procedure more efficient


Optimize framing coil system by adding accuracy to the selection of the first coil. Ability to create a stable scaffold across the neck of te aneurysm


Accurate framing coil based on patient specific anatomy. Makes the sizing process simple: Automatic measurement according to each patient’s vessel characteristics

Steps Involved

7 Steps to FCsize computational modeling

Less than 5 minutes to achieve FCsize computational modeling

Find out the complete workflow for FCsize

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