For  accurate and efficient selection of the device

Improve and facilitate flow diverter sizing in clinical routine


How FDsize Works

Check out an example of a computational modeling done by FDsize module.

An example of a computational modeling done by FDsize module.

Proven Clinical Impact

FDsize is safe, fast and accurate

Clinical study conducted on

Patients *
0 x Safer
Extra handeling divided by 2
0 % Faster
Shorter intervention time
0 % Lower
X-Ray exposure
0 %
shorter flow diverter - Better length accuracy **

Why FDsize?

FDsize module of Sim&Size is an amazing module that helps the user with optimal selection of flow diverter sizing.


Reduces the risk of extra handling Reduces the X-ray exposure for both patient and physician


Regardless of clinical experience, different treatment strategies can be modeled with stable accuracy and reproducibility.


Less devices per treatment & time of surgery Helps to select shorter devices: easier navigability, less metal in the patient and less length-related complications such as twisting.


Faster and safer election of device. Apposition, Size & Porosity


Avoid under and over sizing and its resultant consequences

FDsize goes further

 Improving wall apposition of the device , which is linked to a good healing process

  Improving the accuracy of the proximal landing zone

  Commutating of the level of implant compression

  Understanding the surface metal coverage along the implant

Steps Involved

6 Steps to FDsize computatinal modeling

Follow the 6 steps to achieve your clinical therapeutic strategy


 Virtual simulation with Sim&Size software for Pipeline Flex Embolization:evaluation of the technical and clinicalimpact.Piergallini L,et al. J Neuroln tervent Surg 2020;0:1-6. doi:10.1136fneurintsurg-2020-015813

* Methods: MONOCENTRIC RETROSPECTIVE COHORT STUDY 189 patients, 95 (50.2%) without and 94 (49.7%) with software assistance were analyzed. Consecutive patients who underwent aneurysm embolization with Pipeline were retrospectively enrolled (January 2015-December 2017) and divided into two groups: treated with and without simulation. Through univariate and multivariate models, we evaluated: (1) rate of corrective intervention for non-optimal stent placement,(2) duration of intervention,(3) radiation dose, and (4) stent length.

** Objective: To demonstrate technical and clinical impacts of the Sim&Size simulation during treatment with the Pipeline Flex Embolization Device.

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