Sim&Size™ offers a patient specific device to secure the treatment of cerebral aneurysm.

Sim&Size™ represents a next generation tool that uses advanced computer computation to simulate the endovascular deployment and apposition of devices for the treatment of intracranial aneurysm.

Our vision is twofold:

  • personalized medicine for each patient;
  • improved planning to secure your treatment.

Sim&Size™ is composed of 3 applications sizing all types of medical implant (MI) devices widely used to heal patients of neurovascular disorders such as aneurysms.

Please note that Sim&Size™ software is supplied with electronic instructions for use.
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Sim&Size, and its modules FDsize™, IDsize™ and STsize™, is CE Mark approved.


Better treatment for the patient
by improving the therapeutic planning.

Tremendous educational tool for clinicians

Choice of sizing
and device


  • Fast and optimal sizing
  • Fast and easy to use


  • Sim&Size™ helps you select the best size of implant
  • Use one device by treatment thanks to Sim&Size™ simulation. You can virtually evaluate the final position of different size and shape of intracranial implants making your first choice highly accurate


  • Experience has shown that the use of Sim&Size™ has led to the selection of shorter and smaller flow diverters or to larger intrasaccular devices relative to standard sizes
  • Secure the treatment


  • Accelerate the learning curve of the physician
  • Reduce stress related with the sizing step


  • Compare different devices, different configuration for the same intervention

Product specific

  • Simulation of all devices sizes
  • Simulation of different type of devices according to the mechanical behavior of each device
  • Color code displays the apposition of the device
  • The “Push” function reproduces the physician gesture during the intervention


Patient specific

  • Reconstruct the anatomy of the patient artery using 3DRA Dicom
  • Simulation of several landing zones of devices

Six steps for optimal device choice*

*Example with FDsize™ for flow diverters
Clic on the right and the left arrows to see the next and the previous steps

  • STEP 2/6 : Select the region of interest (ROI)

  • STEP 3/6 : Threshold check

  • STEP 4/6 : Click on micro-catheter inlet

  • STEP 5/6 : Initialise the stent simulation

  • STEP 6/6 : Compare different model and sizes

How to get it!

You are a neurointerventionist and want to use Sim&Size™?