Sim&Cure is the first company to be cleared to market a patient-based simulation model for aneurysm treatment that allows prediction of the deployment of medical devices (flow diverter, intrasaccular device, laser-cuter stent). Sim&Size® simulates each size and type of device according to the patient’s unique anatomy in order to provide essential information prior to the choice of sizing.

Sim&Size® is a CE Marked product.

Establishment of a specialized consortium

  • The cofounders PhDs Vincent Costalat (MD) and Mathieu Sanchez (MsC) started their thesis in Montpellier, France: “Evaluation of an Individual Risk of Rupture of Cerebral Aneurysms”. The purpose of the thesis was to design a numeric diagnosis test for cerebral aneurysms.
  • Scientifics publications.
  • Creation of the consortium: IRRAS Technology.


  • Vincent Costalat and Mathieu Sanchez established themselves within LRI “Languedoc Roussillon Incubation”.
  • Innovation prize Rotary Club € 5k.
  • Creation of Sim&Cure by PhD Mathieu Sanchez and Prof. Vincent Costalat.

Capital raising operations

  • Innovation prize i-Lab «Creation/Development»: € 175k.
  • Module IDsize and FDsize.
  • 100+ simulations in European Hospitals.
  • Innovation Awards « Coup de Cœur COSTI ».
  • Participation to four international events and presentations; ABC WIN, LINNC Paris, ESMINT, SNIS.
  • Move into bigger office.
  • Sim&Size® and its module IDsize®, FDsize® received the CE Mark approval.
  • 200+ simulations in European hospitals.
  • 3 international clients; world’s biggest medical devices companies.
  • 9 employees, 2 interns.


Mathieu Sanchez, PhD

CEO, Co-founder

Dominique Ambard, PhD

Chief Technical Officer

Hélène Andersson, MSc

Marketing Manager

Alain Berod, PhD student

Sophie Bruge, PhD

R&D Software Engineer

Piergiorgio Canci, MSc

Application Engineer

Christophe Chnafa, PhD

R&D Biomechanical Engineer

Riccardo Ferrara, PhD

R&D Biomechanical Engineer

Asma Harrathi, MSc

Application Engineer

Krishna Mahadea MSc

Product & Compliance Engineer

Julien Siguenza, PhD

R&D Biomechanical Engineer

Jérôme Velut, PhD

R&D Software Engineer