FDsize is the module of Sim&Size simulating the deployment of flow diverter devices according to their manufacturing and their specific mechanical behavior.

The use of FDsize has shown a reduction of :

  • the number of devices per intervention
  • the average length and diameter of implanted PED
  • the need of extra manoeuvre (stent angioplasty, in stent guidewire manipulation)


IDsize displays a color code showing the apposition of the intra-saccular device deployed in the aneurysm. The green color indicates that the device is apposed to the aneurysm wall while the red color means that the device is not apposed on the aneurysm wall.

STsize is the module of Sim&Size that simulates the deployment of laser-cut stents.

STsize helps with:

  • Stent shape choice
  • Stent positioning
  • Stent orientation

STsize is under CE marking process.